Chairs For Hip Replacement Recovery  

Hip replacement is a major surgery. A patient who has undergone hip replacement surgery would have already tried the conventional methods to seek relief for his problems. Since a person is unable to get any relief, he takes the last option of the hip replacement surgery to get relief from the constant pain and discomfort.

There are special orthopedic chairs for hip replacement recovery that offer protection to the hip ensuring that no dislocation or pain occurs. These chairs for hip replacement recovery are recommended for all patients as they make sitting and simple seated-movements pain-free and comfortable. In addition, these chairs are assistive and help the patient to stand and sit without putting too much strain on the recently replaced hip.

A patient's recovery is going to be a slow process and the extent and the speed of recovery will largely depend on him. As it will take quite some time for him to fully recover and be normal, he has to plan well in advance to work towards his recovery. He has to organize things within the household to ensure that everything is within reach and he will not put unnecessary pressure on the new hip joint. He has to take care of the following.

  • Scattered rugs are to be removed to avoid tripping
  • An apron with many pockets can be used to transport objects.
  • Easy meals are to be planned to avoid frequent shopping.
  • A utility cart to carry items from place to place can be used ahead of the walker.
  • Take a walk around every hour or so to increase circulation in the legs.
  • Handicap bathrooms at public facilities are to be used.
  • Loose fitting clothes are to be worn.
  • Hand rails are required near stair case.
  • Items are to be stored at hip or shoulder level.
  • Everyday activities are to be planed to eliminate unnecessary tasks.
  • Learn to walk slowly and avoid rushing to answer the phone.
  • A shower chair, grab bar and raised toilet are needed in the bathroom.
  • While sleeping, legs are not to be crossed.
  • One should avoid bending more than 90 degrees.
  • A long handled sponge and shower hose will be needed while washing.
  • Low chairs are to be avoided.
  • A firm sturdy chair with arm rest is to be used.
  • Either use a hip chair or a standard chair with large firm pillow.
  • A recovery center needs to be organized by keeping items such as phone, television remote control and other items nearby.


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Chairs For Hip Replacement Recovery




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