Hip Replacement And Post Surgery Problems

Hip Replacement And Post Surgery Problems

While hip replacement can offer complete relief from all the pains and discomfort, a person has to realize that it is a major surgery. Therefore, there are bound to be post-surgery problems and a person should be prepared for them.

Hip Replacement and Post Surgery Problems:

Implant failure -- This is due to the wear and tear of the hip joint and it may become loose. Most hip replacements last 20 years on an average, but some last for 10 years only. For youngsters this is going to be a problem. They will have to go for another replacement surgery. Revision hip replacement is a more complicated surgery. That is one of the reasons why the surgeons delay joint replacement surgery as much as possible.

Hip dislocation -- This happens mainly because the man made hips are smaller than normal ones. Due to this the ball can come out of the socket. This generally happens only in certain positions such as pulling the knees up to the chest. Sometimes it can be due to a reaction of the body to the man made joint. This can give rise to swelling. The body cells also may eat away a portion causing the joint to become loose. This may also need further surgery for replacement of the joint.

Blood clots -- Blood clots in the large veins of the leg and pelvis are quite common. To take care of this problem, the patient is put on blood thinning medication to be continued for several weeks after the hip replacement surgery. The patient is made to wear compression stockings to maintain blood circulation in the legs. If a blood clot develops, it can move up to the lung where it can be fatal. In such cases higher doses of the blood thinning drug may be used.

Infection -- Infection of the hip replacement can cause complications and it may even require removal of the implant. To reduce risks of infection, the patient is advised to take antibiotics whenever he undergoes an invasive procedure such as dental work or colonoscopies.

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Hip Replacement And Post Surgery Problems