Total Hip Replacement And Sexual Activity

Total Hip Replacement And Sexual Activity

Most patients are able to resume their sexual activities and are able to enjoy intercourse after hip replacement. However they will have to wait for the pain and the stiffness noted prior to the hip surgery to disappear before they can indulge in the sexual activity.

The patients have to wait till the hip becomes pain free and has better movement. It may take several weeks before the patients become comfortable with the new hip.

It is considered that generally it is safe to resume intercourse four to six weeks after surgery. One needs to provide sufficient time for the incision and the muscles around the hip to heal. The matter can be discussed with the surgeon during the 6 week follow up appointment to get his opinion when to resume sexual activity and also the safe position for sex without causing any injury to the hip.

It is considered safer to resume intercourse in a passive manner in the bottom position. Less energy is required in this position. As the individual gains strength and the healing of the hip has progressed well, then he can take a more active role.

If the individual who has undergone hip replacement surgery is a male, then he can lie down on his back with a pillow to support him. His female sexual partner assumes an active role. She supports her own body weight on her elbows and/or knees.

As per the available statistics, 20 percent of all patients expect an improvement in their sexual life after the total hip replacement. Many patients express concern about dislocation or damage to the new hip joint while having intercourse. After a period of 8 to 10 weeks a new capsule would have grown around the new hip joint. Hence, after this period, the risk of dislocation is minimal. However, as long as the individual takes care not to put too much pressure on the new hip joint, he is safe.

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Total Hip Replacement And Sexual Activity