What To Expect 6 Weeks After Hip Replacement ?  

Hip replacement surgery is not a cause of worry these days as it is becoming quite common. There is a great risk of dislocation in the first 6 weeks and the soft tissues in and around the hips take around 6 weeks to heal, patients need to be careful for the initial few weeks.

So, what to expect 6 weeks after hip replacement? After 6 weeks, one can expect the pain to have gone down, though some people may still complain of pain up to 8 weeks or even more. By this period most of the precautions can be relaxed. But even after six weeks of the surgery, it is better not to put too much weight on the operated leg. Also, it is better not to cross the legs at the knees. After 6 weeks of hip replacement, one can also expect to walk on their own, without the help of a cane or walker, and can also try to climb up and down the stairs without assistance.

Resuming driving is possible at around 6 weeks after the hip replacement, but this would be at the discretion of the physician. Sexual activities can also be started around this time, but maintaining hip precautions is very important. It is safe to return to work, 6 weeks after the surgery only if the work involves more of sitting and less of walking.

It is not wrong to say that one can expect to return to normal life by 6 weeks after the hip replacement surgery, but there is no denying the fact that there will always be a list of do’s and don’ts to follow.

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What To Expect 6 Weeks After Hip Replacement




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