What Are Three Problems With Kidney Transplant ? ?

What Are Three Problems With Kidney Transplant ? ?

Once a person is diagnosed with a failed kidney, the next step is that the person needs to get a kidney transplant where the failed kidney is replaced with a healthier kidney that is donated either by a living donor or from a deceased donor.

As simple as it sounds, the search for a donor may not be so simple. There are three problems with kidney transplants. Now, you would be wondering what are the three problems with kidney transplant.

To get a matching kidney is one of the first problems associated with a kidney transplant. There are various factors that affect finding a matching kidney. Firstly the blood group of the donor and the recipient has to be compatible, there has to be genetic matching etc.

After finding a new kidney, the transplant would take place, which would take about 2-3 hours. The second problem arises after the transplant. There are instances where some people start facing rejection of the new kidney within three months of the transplant. This is because the immune system of the body recognises the new kidney as a foreign object and starts reacting against it. Anti rejection medication would be advised to control the rejection. Though it may be a little worrying to know that the body is rejecting the new kidney, but this is not something that is life threatening and can be easily controlled with proper medication.

Another problem is that anti rejection medication affects the immunity of a person and one is more prone to infection. There are occasional cases of death as a result of these infections as some of these infections can be life threatening after the transplant.

Despite these problems up to 85 percent kidney transplants are successful.

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