How Many People Awaiting Liver Transplant ?

How Many People Awaiting Liver Transplant ?

Liver disease is quite a common as well as serious disease and in fact liver transplant is the second most common organ transplant that is done. A liver transplant is done when a person’s liver is totally damaged.

The diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver or a piece of a healthy liver. Doctors recommend a liver transplant only when the condition of the patients cannot be treated with medication and a transplant is a last resort.

Though liver transplant is also very common, finding a matching liver is not very easy as it involves many factors such as blood type, severity of disease etc. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, there are around 17,000 people waiting for a liver transplant in the United States alone. This is the organization where a person’s name is placed on a waiting list for a transplant. This figure goes to speak for itself as to how easy it is get liver donors or to find matching livers.

Generally donors can be either living donors or deceased donors. But the waiting time for a patient can be reduced if a family member or friend of the patient is ready to donate a part of the liver to the patient. Since the liver can regenerate itself, both the donor as well as the recipient will have a fully developed liver in a matter of few weeks. The only hitch here is the blood type, which needs to match. Sometimes it takes around a year to find a matching donor or even longer.

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How Many People Awaiting Liver Transplant