Can Vaccination Cause Developmental Delay ?

Can Vaccination Cause Developmental Delay ?

Autism cases are increasing worldwide and several factors are at play for the disease. Some of them are even environmental causes and some are through the genes. More and more autistic children are being studied so that they can know the reasons for the disorder and also work for a remedy.

Many possible causes have been proposed for the disorder and one of them is vaccination.

Some vaccinations like MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) have been known to cause autism in children in various levels. Autism as a disorder varies from a severe level to a milder level.

If a child has been diagnosed with autism, it means that they will have developmental delays. The MMR vaccination which is given to fight measles and rubella can actually cause certain reactions in the brain causing other complications. Since measles is not a threat anymore the efficiency and the side effects of the vaccine are being questioned. There is a lot of controversy in the United States about the MMR vaccine and if it should be continued. A lot of parents who have autistic children are also voicing their opinion against the MMR vaccine.

However, researchers and bio scientists are still trying to find a real connection between autism and MMR vaccination and some even suggest that it may only incidental. In lot of children it has been found that the development cycle was normal until they had been vaccinated and after that they started showing developmental delays. This is the single biggest reason for parents to believe that autism could be a direct effect of vaccinations like MMR.

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Can Vaccination Cause Developmental Delay