Parent Friendly Immunization Guide

Parent Friendly Immunization Guide

Vaccines are actually helpful because they have reduced the rate of occurrence of many diseases of childhood like diarrhea, polio, measles, chicken pox and whooping cough. These diseases are killer diseases and also can kill the immunity in children.

However, death rate in the United States is almost zero today and these diseases have almost disappeared.

The diseases have disappeared but the germs that cause the diseases are still present. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States ensures that the safety and effectiveness of vaccines remain their priority. Parents of young children and babies should also know what vaccinations have to be given to their child to safeguard them against various diseases. All hospitals and doctors are also required to keep immunization records of the child and also need to give the parents a brochure of vaccinations that have to be given for the child.

A lot of parents are confused whether to vaccinate their children or not and whether it is safe of them. However, without denying vaccination does have its risks and no vaccination is hundred percent effective but the dangers of vaccination are a small percent compared to the danger s of the disease.

It is every parent’s duty to do some basic research about vaccinations and also collect information about the vaccination. When the doctor gives you the vaccination sheet review the information and know about them.

Always talk to the doctor in prior of vaccinating the child about the risks and benefits of the vaccine and also if there have been any reactions in the child to a certain vaccination before you need to discuss that with the doctor.

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Parent Friendly Immunization Guide