Is Lowered Immune System A Sign Of Pregnancy ?

Is Lowered Immune System A Sign Of Pregnancy ?

The immune system is defined as body’s defense mechanism for fighting disease and infection. The immune system produces antibodies and special cells that attack viruses and microorganisms. The inbuilt immune system within the body enables it to recognize materials as foreign objects and thus neutralizes, eliminate or metabolize them with or without injuring its own tissues.

Our immune system is volatile and can be influenced by variety of factors. It can be swayed by our life style, stress, mental fatigue, dietary deficiencies, bereavement and pregnancy. During pregnancy many physiological changes occurs in women’s body. Every system in the body is affected including the immune system. Immunity system is suppressed during pregnancy otherwise the baby might be rejected by her body as a foreign object. Immune system works as a defense mechanism and can attack anything it recognizes as a foreign object and since the baby in the mother’s womb contains fathers’ genes her body would recognize it as a foreign organ. So women's immune system gets suppressed during pregnancy. This can make a pregnant woman more prone to infection and diseases which may have implications on her own health as well as for the developing fetus. So it is very important for a woman to boost her immune system while pregnancy by taking nutritious food, adequate rest and sleep, maintaining positive attitude, fresh air and physical exercise specially designed for pregnant woman. For overweight women yoga is the best choice when they are pregnant.

Our immune system fights harmful pathogens and microorganism. If you have low immunity, your defense mechanism is weaker than usual. Since immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, common cold and stuffy nose is very common in pregnancy because of hormonal effects on the nasal passages.

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Is Lowered Immune System A Sign Of Pregnancy