What Are The Major Functions Of The Immune Systems ?

What Are The Major Functions Of The Immune Systems ?

Human immune system is composed of many interdependent cells that collectively protect your body from foreign invaders such as bacteria, virus, pathogenic organisms and disease carrying parasites.

The major function of immune system is to identify foreign antigens and tumor cells that could cause disease and to eradicate them from your system, so that the body remains healthy and disease free.

The human immune system works through different levels of defense. Your skin acts as first line of defense as it creates a barrier between your insides and the infectious outside world. Good personal hygiene and cleanliness and adequate intake of vitamin A helps your skin to fight off germs and bacteria. These first set of functions are usually called as “natural” or “innate” because they are inborn and non-specific, reacting to general pathogens.

Human have an extra protective cover called the adaptive immune system or specific immunity. The major function of adaptive immune system is to identify foreign antigens in the presence of self and destroy the invading pathogens and any toxic molecules they produce.

One protective action of human immune system is inflammation, making it known that pathogens has entered into the body and it has to be removed. The symptoms of inflammation are redness, pain and swelling, which are caused by increased blood flow into the tissues. Inflammation is stimulated by chemical factors released by injured cells and serves to establish a physical barrier against the spread of infection.

Major lymphocytes, The B lymphocytes (often called as B cells) and T lymphocytes (often called as T cells) that are found in bone marrow play a significant role in the functioning of the human immune system because they have the ability to wipe out spoilt microorganisms. On the surface of each lymphatic cell are receptors that help them to detect foreign antigens. Both B cells and T cells identifies the detrimental pathogens and kills it.

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What Are The Major Functions Of The Immune Systems