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A garden not only adds beauty and a feeling of freshness to the house, but also offers a place you can revitalize and relax with your family on a weekend or after a busy day at work. Therefore, it is important to keep your garden clean and beautiful. When it comes to garden design, Feng Shui styles are very popular nowadays and are worth trying.

The main key to a good Feng Shui garden design is to maintain balance and harmony between shapes, textures, accessories, directions, and colors used in the design.

The color chosen for the overall scheme of the garden should be in accordance with your personality, tastes, and the traditional Chinese horoscope. The right color will accentuate positive vibes in the area and make you feel happy and relaxed in the garden. To create a dramatic look, you can consider having a garden of single color flowers. For instance, an all-white or an all-red flower garden looks wonderful.

Besides, select the shapes and textures carefully. Certain textures, such as the prickly Holly, are indicative of pain and discomfort and must be avoided. Also, avoid any stiff, upright, or spiky shapes in the garden, as they might bring in energetic (Foxglove) or disturbing (Yucca) vibes. The best shapes and textures to use for a Feng Shui garden are those that are draping or knolling, such as the Weeping Willow. However, the most interesting idea for garden designs is to use a unique combination of contrasting shapes and textures all over the landscape.

The plant arrangements can be chosen suitably, depending on the kind of garden - formal, semiformal, or natural - you wish to have. You can extend the feel of the garden into your house by using some of the colors that are present in your garden. Alternatively, you can paint the walls of your house in the color of the flowers, white, yellow, and green, of your garden. To conclude, for a Feng Shui garden design, all you have to make sure is that the five Feng Shui elements -- Metal, Water, Fire, Wood and Fire -- are used appropriately in the garden area.

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