Laws On Renting Houses  

Renting a house is a simple task. At least that is what most people think. However, if you do not know the legal details of renting a house, then it could become a daunting task for you. In the United States, there are laws for everything. Even if you have to rent your own property, there are laws related to that. If you do not know the law and do something wrong, even then you will be held legally liable.

Here are some laws related to the renting process.

The first step in renting a house is advertising about it in the print media or online resources. Know that there is some legality involved while advertising. You cannot use any words discriminating others or showing preference for tenants. The advertisement should not contain any discrimination or preference for race, sex, handicap, illnesses, color, or nationality. Also, mentioning the price and location is always a safer bet.

When you rent a house, you need to make clear about all the details a tenant needs to know. You cannot hide any facts like a previous gas leak for example from the tenant. You need to be clear about it. If it is not child proof, then you need to let them know. Hiding or not telling some facts is equal to lying.

If you are using a screening company to check out prospective tenants, you should be aware that as a landlord, you are liable under the Fair Housing Act. So, if you decide not to rent out your property based on the information received from the screening company, inform the person. Tell them what information you received and from where, and that is why you have decided against renting out your property to them.

Also check your state laws. Some states require the landlord to pay interest on the security deposit collected from tenants.

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Laws On Renting Houses




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