How Can I Get Help With Paying My Security Deposit?  

A security deposit is an amount that is charged by the landlord for safety. It is mostly refundable. A security deposit is typically one month rent taken as a refundable amount. There are several ways to negotiate on saving this deposit with your landlord. However, no landlord will agree to write off the security deposit.

If you are in a bad shape financially, and just managed to cough up the advance, let your landlord know about the situation you are in. Check to see if you can pay half the deposit in the first month and the second half the next month. Split it up so that it is easy on your pocket. If the landlord is rigid, then there is nothing you can do about it, and you have to come up with alternatives to pay the full amount in one go before moving in.

Try to take a payday loan. That is the only way to meet the expense. You can take a loan against your paycheck, and then use the money to pay the security deposit. However, you should be prepared to foot the high interest rate and associated fees when you take out a payday loan.

Sometimes, the local Social Service department helps out. If the case is genuine, then they may help by paying a part of the security deposit. Since it is a refundable amount, most people give it under various circumstances.

Try to convince your landlord to take one month's rent as advance and another month's rent as the security deposit instead of asking for two month's advance rent and security deposit.

Ask your bank for an overdraft if your account is in good standing.

You can also try asking a relative or a friend for a loan so that you can pay the deposit.

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How Can I Get Help With Paying My Security Deposit