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Almost all home inspections are done in different ways and the process varies a lot with each state, county and city. Actually a home inspection primarily depends on the home inspector and the association he or she is a member of.More...

Things To Look For In Home Inspection

Things To Look For In Home Inspection

Make sure that the home you are investing in is in good condition after all it involves a huge amount. The best way to ensure that you are investing in the right thing is to get home inspected by a certified home inspection professional. It will fetch you few dollars but then this small investment would be beneficial to you in the long run. For you, a home may appear to be perfect and in good shape, but an inspector would go into the minute details pinpointing the flaws not noticed by you.More...


How Do I Do My Own Home Inspection ?

How Do I Do My Own Home Inspection

If you are planning to purchase a house, it is very important to get it inspected so, that in future you don’t repent on the investment made by you. If possible, it is always better to get the home inspected by yourself. A detail inspection by you will provide you lot of satisfaction. When doing a self inspection your focus should be more on the areas that require repair or replacement.More...



What Happens In A Home Inspection ?

What Happens In A Home Inspection

A home inspection is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. For a buyer, a home inspection would save him money spent on repairs, whereas for a seller, it would help him in getting a fair deal. Home inspection is carried out by a professional who possess adequate knowledge about the various components and systems that are installed in a home.More...



What To Look For During Home Inspection ?

What To Look For During Home Inspection

Home inspections are meant to guard you from unforeseen repairs and expenses after you own the home. During the pre-sale period if there is any shortcoming noticed by the inspection, the same can be either corrected by the seller, or if he does not agree to carry out the repair all by himself, then the buyer can easily negotiate with the sale value.More...



What Is Required For A Fha Home Inspection ?

What Is Required For A Fha Home Inspection

There are no such requirements for an FHA home inspection as it does not exist. However, while applying for a loan through the FHA it sends authorized qualified appraisers to carry out the home inspection in order to ascertain that the home which has been put up for sale meets the standards of the FHA for its health and safety measures. If the home that has been inspected by these appraisers meets the standards of the FHA, then the buyer is most likely to get the loan approved provided he qualifies certain other aspects.More...





Selling Home :

Home-Inspection-Standards-For-Fha-Approval      The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was established in the year 1934 to enable American purchase their dream homes at the rates which are comparable with other countries in the world. More..





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