What Is Title Insurance ?  

Purchasing a home is a tedious task with so many things involved in the entire procedure one may tend to neglect an important thing termed as title insurance. Many people are not aware of this particular type of insurance. Those who go for title insurance eventually save few thousands of dollars, and can also guard themselves from latent difficulties in the future that may arise due to some defect in the title.More...

What Does Title Insurance Cover ?

What Does Title Insurance Cover

Title insurance insures that the title of the property is owned by the respective owner who purchases it and safeguards him from any future disputes that may arise related to the title of the property that has been insured. Title insurance is liable to protect its client from any financial loss that may crop up related to title and even preserve the owner against it.More...



Title Insurance Cost Estimate

Title Insurance Cost Estimate

A legal ownership of any property is determined by the title. Title insurance provides a protection of this ownership from any potential problem emerging out of title problems. Nearly every title insurance does not offer any protection to the one who owns the property. Instead, it provides insurance to the mortgage lender.More...



Is My Real Estate Purchase Protected With Title Insurance ?

Is My Real Estate Purchase Protected With Title Insurance

A buyer, while purchasing property from an owner, would like to be sure that the property he is investing on belongs solely to the owner so, that the owner can easily transfer the legal ownership to the buyer without any intervention of a third claimant. For this, the buyer would go for a title search of the said property.More...



Who Pays For Title Insurance On The Short Sale Of A Home ?

Who Pays For Title Insurance On The Short Sale Of A Home

The short sale of a home refers to a condition where the lender agrees to an amount lesser than the remaining balance of the advance so that the property can be released from the mortgage. In such a circumstance, the seller usually has either no equity or negative equity. Such properties are often termed as foreclosed or in the verge of foreclosure. These issues could affect the borrower, but do not bear any problem in owing title insurance. But one should be quite aware of such transactions and remain alert as there is a possibility of fraud.More...





Selling Home :

Why-Do-I-Need-Title-Insurance      Title insurance is needed to protect a buyer of any real estate property against any title defect that may arise after sale proceedings have been completed and the buyer is in possession of the title of the property. The title defect generally arise after the sale proceedings are over but the job of any insurance company who are offering insurance to protect the title begins much before the sale proceedings are over. More..





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