Driving Laws For The Elderly  

According to experts, the United States will see an increase in elderly drivers three times the present number in the next 20 years. This increase is foreseen as quite substantial and that is why many people are urging the US to relook at its driving laws for the elderly.

Although as drivers age, research has shown that elderly drivers tend to change their driving habit but the same research has also proven that elderly drivers are more like to be involved in accidents compared to younger drivers.

It is a known fact that after the age of 75, an elderly driver is more prone to be fatally injured in an accident because their age. However, accidents caused by elderly drivers are basically because of their poor judgment to make turning to the left, they tend to drift within the lanes and finally because they are unable to react when an unexpected situation occurs during the drive.

Driving laws for the elderly in the US varies from one state to another. Some states in the US, like California, have made it mandatory for elderly drivers to undergo driving tests. This means that when a senior citizen reaches the age of 70, he or she has to compulsorily be retested if they have been involved in two or more car accidents in one year. However, many states have not been able to have tough driving laws for the elderly because many organizations and senior support groups feel that this would be an age-based discrimination.

In the state of Pennsylvania, driving laws for the elderly are slightly different. Here doctors and physicians have to report if they feel that their elderly patients have a condition that could affect their driving abilities. However, most healthcare professionals do not follow this law because they do not want to spoil their professional relationship with their patients.

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Driving Laws For The Elderly




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