Cryonics Process

Cryonics Process

Many people are intrigued with the process of cryonics. From celebrities to the rich and famous to the common man are curious about the cryonic process. Most people think it is a way to live forever. Well, it is not exactly what people think and it is true only to a certain extent.

Cryonics is a suppression process where your body is preserved in a specific way. What happens when the heart stops? Typically a person is pronounced legally dead. An emergency team may try and resuscitate you and that is where the cryonics team comes into picture. The team stabilizes the body by supplying oxygen and blood to the brain so that you are technically alive until you reach the cryonic facility. Also, the body is packed in ice and a specific injection called the anticoagulant is given so that blood does not form clots.

At the cryonic facility the medical team then starts the freezing process. The body of the patient is completely immersed in nitrogen so that everything in the body freezes including the water present inside the cell. However, the water tends to expand when it freezes so the cells will actually burst. So the team removes all the water and then places it with a glycerol based liquid called the cryoprotectant. This prevents the organs from completely freezing and forming ice crystals. 

After this preservation process, the body is then frozen to a temperature of -130 C (-202 F). Also the body is stored head down in the tank. It is just a method of preserving the body in the end.

Basically people who have incurable diseases opt for cryonics with the hope that some time in the future a cure will be found for their disease and they can resume living. But cryonics experts say that the process can be used for many other reasons.

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Cryonics Process
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