Human Growth Hormone Danger

Human Growth Hormone Danger

Doctors believe that the side effects of human growth hormone show more in older people than younger people. Older people should specially take the HGH under supervision because they have physical disorders like high or low blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiac problems among others. Human growth hormone may not work very well for these people.

However, these symptoms usually disappear after a certain period of time. People should not be mistaken that HGH has started working on them. Homeopathy is a science that is believed to have no side effects at all. However, the effect of homeopathy medicines is very slow. People who usually opt for the homeopathy method of HGH should have patience to see the results. It is generally advised for people who are old.

Taking too human growth hormone unsupervised can pose health risks and dangers.

Some of the factors affected by the human growth hormone are:

In every human body, the muscles are made up of cartilage and the cartilage growth is dependant on chondrocytes, which are the primary cells that help the growth of the bones. The growth hormone plays a role by stimulating the cells by multiplying them and dividing them to various ends of the body.

Insulin plays a large role on bone development and growth in a human’s body. Human growth hormone simulates the insulin or the IGF-1 which stands for insulin growth factor-1 in a person’s body. In this whole process of increasing insulin in the body, human growth hormone targets the liver in the process because this is where a large amount of the IGF-1 is produced. The IGF-1 is targeted at various tissues in the body and distributed. The human growth hormone also helps to divide the insulin factor in such a way that it increases the bone growth which eventually result in a good body weight and height.

However, taking too human growth hormone can pose health risks and dangers. Human growth hormone dangers include cardiac problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthrosclerosis and many more.

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Human Growth Hormone Danger
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