Why Do Doctors Want To Give Human Growth Hormone Injections ?

Why Do Doctors Want To Give Human Growth Hormone Injections ?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a very important hormone for proper growth, development and well being of the body. A deficiency in this hormone can cause many health-related problems. That is why doctors prescribe human growth hormone injections.

It has been seen that HGH injections increase the production of insulin and secretagogue in a person’s body. Secretagogue is a blend of amino acids and various nutrients which support the functionality of the human growth hormone and the insulin growth factor.

The insulin growth factor and the human growth hormone should be generated subsequently by the liver and supplied to the various tissues of the body in moderate amounts so that the growth of the human body is spread out equally and uniformly. HGH aids this process and ensures that the tissues get sufficient amount of HGH by regularizing the distribution process. HGH injections make the body produce more natural HGH.

So, why do doctors want to give human growth hormone injections? The main medical reason is human growth hormone deficiency which is noticed in some children and adults. In children, the injections spur normal growth and development, while in adults they help to improve the quality of life and overall wellbeing. Some doctors prescribe human growth hormone injections for athletes who want to build their muscles, strength and stamina. However, this use of HGH is not authorized and has to be done in complete secrecy.  

Therefore, when a person is suffering from human growth hormone deficiency, the most time tested cure is human growth hormone injections, which has to be prescribed by the doctor.

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Why Do Doctors Want To Give Human Growth Hormone Injections ?
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