Longevity Gene And Ethics

Longevity Gene And Ethics

Genetics is a complicated branch of science and it takes several years to discover a small possibility in this field. Recently some scientists and researchers have been trying to study the gene patterns of some people who have lived a long life or are living a long life. What really their genes are made up of?

Researchers enrolled more than 300 people in the study who were 95 years or older. DNA samples were taken from all these people to study the possibility of longevity and if there are any specific characteristics in the DNA or genes that are influencing their life span.

After extensive study very little was revealed and it was found that there were some favorable characteristics found in the gene pattern that helped in preventing various forms of illnesses.

These people were also studied on several other factors lie lifestyle, habits, overall outlook to life, and exposure to chemicals and stress. As a conclusive report it was found that most of them had a timely and healthy diet, worked less in their life and also were married early. These were the only similarities found and the research was unfortunately left inconclusive of any findings related to longevity gene.

The question is even if there was a longevity gene present in the human DNA and if scientists found that out and tried to copy it or clone it, it may be unethical. If people lived forever, then there would be no meaning to procreation and seeing the next generation come up.

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Longevity Gene And Ethics
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