Omega 3 Side Effects And Geriatric

Omega 3 Side Effects And Geriatric

Does Omega 3 fatty acids that are so popular and raved about have any side affects? The answer is not really because several people who have Omega 3 in the form of supplements like fish oil report no side effects. Even if a person has side effects, they could be some form of allergy.

One possible reason of having no side effects is that perhaps the body needs the acid and that is why it happily consumes it without sending out any warning signals. There are several benefits of Omega 3, however, and it helps the body in many ways.

Omega 3 fatty acids are made by the body also and actually all the Omega acids are produced by the liver. However, the day to day food that we eat creates a disproportion in Omega acids present in the body which can be harmful in a long term. Several foods have a lot of other Omega acids like Omega 6 but very few of them have Omega 3.

There is no upper or lower limit of Omega acids in the body however they all must be in proportionate quantities. The consumption of food creates an access of other Omega acids compared to the Omega 3 and that is why it is important for people to take supplements that provide Omega 3.

Omega 3 is helpful in geriatrics because most of the old people suffer from memory loss. Omega 3 derived from fish oil is very helpful in enhancing memory and thought process. It is believed that Omega 3 also helps in combating the symptoms of Alzheimer's. That is why old people should have fish oil as a daily supplement to avoid problems related to memory.

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Omega 3 Side Effects And Geriatric
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