Case Studies On Students Who Use Assistive Technology  

There are several categories of people today that are using assistive devices. People who are physically handicapped, seniors, elders, children with learning disabilities, people with Parkinson’s, paralysis, mentally handicapped, Downs syndrome, dementia, dyslexia and many more conditions are all benefiting from assistive deices.

What exactly are assistive devices? They are not a cure but a remedy that helps people with physical limitations to overcome the limitation by substituting it with a device that can perform the same functions. For example, if a person cannot walk, then they can use the walking frame to be mobile. If a person cannot hear, then they can use a translating machine that translates most of the things to visual text. People who cannot hear similarly can use visual aids to understand their environment.

Several case studies that have been conducted in the United States on people who are using assistive devices in various conditions show that they are more confident, happier and also less depressed. Several seniors tend to get depressed because of the physical inability and loss of vigor in their old age. Assistive devices replace the lost vigor naturally boosting their self confidence and also giving them the independence. Being old and not dependent at the same time is a big ego boost for several seniors. Nobody in the world wants to be dependent on another human being for their basic needs.

Today countless number of people with various disabilities are using the assistive devices to run their daily lives and are happy and satisfied about it.

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Case Studies On Students Who Use Assistive Technology



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