Elderly Adaptive And Hand Held Equipment  

Elderly people are prone to facing physical disability because of their age, illness and several other factors influencing their physical abilities. They soon will have to adapt to newer way of doing familiar things. Also, people who have had an accident, suffered a stroke, paralytic attack, dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, nevertheless, have to start learning how to do things in order to live independently.

Different elderly people have different needs based on their physical limitations. Some people have limited ability to use their hands because they tremble a lot and some cannot walk because they have had a paralytic attack. In whichever case, adaptive technology and equipment help people to accomplish their daily tasks in spite of their limitations.

There are several types of adaptive equipment like vision, reading, handheld devices and cognitive devices. Handheld devices include a long list of things that help people with the functionalities where the hand is involved. For example, a person who has limited strength and disability can still drive using a joystick driving system or a reduced effort steering system. The person can accelerate, brake and control using one joy stick. People who have had a stroke or paralytic attack do not have to suffer by just staying indoors or depending on someone to drive them out. They can do it on their own using the handheld adaptive equipment. The hand held equipment are not limited to cars alone. You get several more like electronic tin opener, walking sticks, toothbrush, and much more.

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Elderly Adaptive And Hand Held Equipment



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