How To Change A Diaper Adult ?

How To Change A Diaper Adult ?

Most of the times an adult who wears a diaper may need help in getting it changed. There may be instances where the person may be bed ridden. So, it is all the more evident that a caregiver will need to know how to change a diaper in an adult.

For those, who have been recently assigned the responsibility of taking care of an ill adult, they would have various doubts with regards to changing adult diapers. Firstly, while changing the adult diapers you need to keep wipes, powder, trash can, and a fresh diaper along with you while change the diapers.

Before changing the diaper, the adult may be rolled on to one side, gently, and the diaper needs to be folded on that side. Again, the patient can be asked to roll over on the folded diaper, and the diaper may be folded from the other side. Once this is done, the soiled diaper can be gently pulled out. Also, when the patient is made to sleep over the folded diaper, one should ensure that the wet part is folded inside so the patient does not feel any wetness.

Before putting on a fresh diaper, the diaper area should be cleaned with wipes or soap. One can use anti-rash powder or cream to soothe the area. In fact, many experts suggest that this advisable as it will prevent diaper rash. Once this is done, the same method should be used to slip up a new diaper. It should be even on both the sides so that it can be fastened properly.

The above steps should help in changing an adult diaper without any hassles.

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How To Change A Diaper Adult
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