How Does An Audiometer Works ?

How Does An Audiometer Works ?

An audiometer is an instrument that is used to measure the accuracy of hearing. It was invented by a professor who used to work in the ENT department of Birmingham University.

Today, several specialists like audiologists, and ear, nose and throat specialists use the instrument. Most of the ENT specialists use it so that they can measure and gauge the severity of the hearing loss or disorders.

The audiometer works by conducting a series of tests that give varied results and based on their results the disorder of hearing loss is diagnosed. The results that are acquired through an audiometer are called the audiogram. The audiometer is actually based on simple functionalities but with complex abilities.

The audiometer works by presenting the same type of sound at different frequency levels. People with hearing loss actually may respond to some type of frequency which is much lower to normal level or even higher to normal level. So, different levels of frequencies are tried out with the patient and a careful observation of the person's response to the various frequencies of sound is observed. If the person expresses interest in the frequency or level of sound being shown to him or her, then one can be certain that it is not a complete hearing loss. Various levels of possibilities of hearing loss are eliminated and the problem is evaluated by eliminating all other possibilities.

However simple this technology may sound, it is very effective and also an intelligent way of deducing hearing loss. Because the ear is a sense organ no one can tell what amount of damage exists in there.

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How Does An Audiometer Works ?
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