Insurance For Hearing Aids And Exam  

Hearing needs are the support system for people who suffer from a loss of hearing, be it children or adults. But the sad part is that these hearing aids are becoming more and more expensive. The average cost of these devices is between $1,500 and $4,000. In spite of such high costs, hearing aids cannot be covered by health insurance.

This is because most of the insurance companies do not provide insurance coverage for hearing aids. Though there are some medical benefits offered to people over the age of 65 by Medicare, hearing aids do not fit in their list also.

However, there are certain insurance programs that include hearing aid coverage. These programs are Plan Plus, Midwest Hearing industries, and ESCO. In case of certain insurance plans, one can get vision and hearing coverage through payment of additional premium. Also, Federal Employees Health Benefit Program has started providing hearing aid insurance from January 1, 2009 to its employees and their families as well as retirees.

There is definitely a hope, though there are limited options and one has to pay a higher premium one can still manage to get their hearing aids insurance coverage. This is an absolute necessity because once the warranty period of the device expires, it will be an expensive affair to replace the aids. Also, the chances of damage to hearing aids are very high because they are tiny things that can be easily broken. In addition, they are also not water resistant and these can be damaged even by ear drainage or ear wax. Thus, having insurance for hearing aids is definitely a welcome thing.

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Insurance For Hearing Aids And Exam



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Insurance For Hearing Aids And Exam )
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