When Were Hearing Aids Invented ?

When Were Hearing Aids Invented ?

Hearing aid in one form or the other has been present for centuries. However, as time has passed, the design of hearing aids has changed significantly. Today, there is a wide variety of hearing aids that have advanced features that allow a person to hear sound without any distortion.

It is believed that the first hearing aids were made way back in the 1500s. During this time, the device used for hearing was shaped like the human ear or animal ear, and made out of wood. These aids were primarily meant for seniors who had lost their hearing due to age.

However, by the 1800s, hearing aids were being viewed as consumer products, and they were being sold in different parts of the world. At that point, the hearing aids were shaped like trumpets and the manufacturers only produced a small number of them. However, they were very expensive. Only the rich could afford them.  The most popular model at that point was a tabletop model that cost around $400.

The hearing aid worn on the body was first invented by Harvey Fletcher, who was a physicist. He was working with Bell Laboratories.

Today, the hearing aids are highly advanced and help to amplify sounds. The basic parts of a hearing aid consist of microphone, receiver and amplifier. The microphone is responsible for capturing the sounds. The receiver is responsible for converting the auditory sounds to electronic sounds. The amplifier is responsible for transmitting the sounds and making them louder. The amplifier also helps to do away with background sounds.

Hearing aid technology has come a long way from what it was around few centuries ago.

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