Is There A Magnifying Glass In The Camera ?

Is There A Magnifying Glass In The Camera ?

Photographs are something that we all cherish. A photo can capture those precious moments in our lives and preserve them forever. The camera, though small, is a powerful tool that allows us to capture images in different environments, and different reasons.

There are cameras made for underwater photography; disposable cameras that can be used and thrown away; even the modern cell phone has a camera that allows us to click photograph of anything while we are on the move.

Today, one can choose between manual camera and digital camera. But most people have no knowledge about the working of a camera. For them, it is just a tool that is the most convenient way of preserving memories. Many people are clueless to the fact that there is a magnifying glass in the camera that helps to magnify images that they want to capture.

The basic component of a camera is its lenses. In fact, both manual and digital cameras have lenses. The camera has two lenses, out of which one is a concave lens and the other is convex. It is the convex lends that has a thick center and thin outer edges that works like a magnifying glass for the camera. Though not a real magnifying glass, the lens working is similar to one.

In fact, modern day technology has made it possible for cameras to have external magnifying glass. This glass is usually used with digital cameras, and anyone can make use of it, be it a professional photographer or an amateur one. This magnifying glass is capable of enlarging the picture three times, and it cost just under $50. Usually people use this magnifying glass on LCD screens of a laptop, mobile or camera to check out all the details before clicking a photograph, or after having taken a photograph.

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Is There A Magnifying Glass In The Camera
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