What Are Magnifying Glasses Used For ?

What Are Magnifying Glasses Used For?

A magnifying glass has been used for centuries to see small objects more clearly. In fact, the first people to use magnifying glasses were the ancient Egyptians who used a clear crystal known as obsidian to view small objects better. Even Emperor Nero of Rome was known to look through gemstones to get a better view of actors while they were performing on stage.

It is believed that the first magnifier used for scientific study was designed by Roger Bacon, an English philosopher, in the 13th century.

So, if you are still wondering what are magnifying glasses used for, the answer to that is for viewing small objects more clearly than what is possible with the naked eye.

Magnifying glasses consist of double convex lenses that are responsible for making small objects look bigger than what they are. The lens are placed close to the object and due to the refraction of the light rays, the object appears much larger than its actual size. However, if the same object is far from the lens, then it will appear smaller and upside down. The magnified image is known as virtual image, while the upside down image is known as real image.

Many people have magnifying glasses at home. These can be used to read maps in detail, and look at pictures and photographs minutely. In addition, people who have low vision also use magnifying glasses to read books. These glasses, however, are prescribed by an eye specialist. Magnifying glasses along with microscopes and other magnifying lenses are used to see objects that are otherwise not visible to the naked eye. Even jewelers and watchmakers use magnifying glasses in their work.

Therefore, there are many uses and applications of magnifying glasses, and they all serve the purpose of making objects bigger so that the person can study them in more detail.

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