Mind Mapping And Teaching Disability

Mind Mapping And Teaching Disability

Many teachers agree that mind mapping is a great tool to teach children; even those with learning disabilities. Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs to do and sometimes it is impossible for teachers to convey their lessons to the children and still expect them to remember it.

On the other hand, teachers who use mind mapping for teaching techniques say that they also remember the lessons clearly and the exact procedure to teach the students.

Teachers can use mind mapping by arranging the topics in a graphical way on the paper. Once they visualize their lesson and see how they can teach it then they do a better job of the whole thing. The mind map when you finish drawing looks like a spatial diagram that is crawling.

It is an easy way to summarize the lesson because all the topics are listed on one single sheet of paper and you can revise the whole lesson plan at one look. A child with learning disability also learns and grasps the lesson better. The main reason is that children with learning disability have severe problems with grasping and remembering. Mind maps solve both the problems. When children are allowed to visualize what they are learning in their own way, they tend to remember it more clearly.

Several case studies with children who have learning disability and use mind mapping has shown that the children are much advanced than the others. The Montessori system of education is one such concept that uses mind mapping very effectively.

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Mind Mapping And Teaching Disability
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