Disadvantages To Robotic Surgery

Disadvantages To Robotic Surgery

Robotic equipment that is available for the medical industry to use is great and they actually benefit medical procedures in several different ways.

The robotic equipment are capable of making accurate incisions that cause the least blood loss, they can help in finishing the surgery within the scheduled time, other influencing medications like anesthesia can be reduced, and other dangers like coma can be avoided.

Robotics actually helps man kind in many ways. The biggest disadvantage or limitation for robotics is that all the high technology equipment has to be used by surgeons who are human beings.

While robotic equipment have the full potential of decreasing the overall surgery time by great percentages, at the same time if the surgeon is not tech-savvy and does not know how to use it, then the time taken for the surgery might increase exponentially. For example, a robotics assisted heart surgery can take twice the amount of time if the surgeon does not know how to use the instrument.

A lot of practice and on-hands practice is required for surgeons to get accustomed to the instrument and also it depends on their level of expertise. In the medical industry, the most valued asset is usually the expertise gained from experience. For a surgeon to start learning new equipment for the same job that he or she was doing for several years may not suit their working conditions. In spite of it having many benefits for the patient, the surgeon still has to be present.

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Disadvantages To Robotic Surgery
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