Baby Boomers Aging Needs

          After World War II, between the period 1946 and 1964, certain regions in the world like Australia, Canada, United States and UK experienced an unusual increase in the number of baby births. This phenomenon came to be known as ‘baby boom’, and all the people born during this period are known as ‘baby boomers’. Baby boomers comprise nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population which is equal to 76.1 million Americans. Many of these people will soon turn 65 and are prone to suffer from serious health complications causing an increased burden on the medical industry of the country.

          Therefore, there is a need to step up the long term health care and wellness services to meet the aging needs of the baby boomers. More and more baby boomers are taking interest in herbal nutrition supplement products. They are ready to devote a major part of their income on products and services that keep them healthy, make them look or feel better, slow down their effects of aging, and prevent diseases from developing altogether.

          Although most of the baby boomers are considered well off, there are many baby boomers who are nearing their retirement but are left with very small savings, as a result of which, it will be very difficult for them to survive without a job. So, Baby boomers need safe and less challenging jobs which can support them and keep them financially independent. Most of the baby boomers are considered best suited in area of home based business by providing the personalized customer service component that seems to be lacking and lost in an impersonal work place of the present day.

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Baby boomers aging needs




Demographic data baby boomers trend
      Demographic Data Baby Boomers Trend

Baby boomers are groups of people who were born between 1946 and 1966 and are now currently aged between 41 and 60. Demographic trends of baby boomers are quite interesting since they are going to influence numerous aspects including employment, health care, immigration, tax policies and even the country’s economy. More..





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