Impact Of Baby Boomers And Economy  

The baby boomer population is increasing yearly and the world has realized that there is a severe inequality in the age ration of the overall population. The population is more in certain age group of people and compared to the older generation the population of the younger generation is lesser. This scenario could cause serious gaps causing a decline in the economy.

Also, due to the economic conditions the people who would suffer the most would be the baby boomers. Today, there is a severe dearth of professionals in the health care industry and this shortage is only going to increase in the coming years. Suddenly if a larger work force belonging to the baby boomer generation retires, then it there will be a huge gap to bridge. Companies will also find it difficult to bridge the gap because of the lack of work force. The over all population is going to remain the same but the work force is going to decrease at the same time.

Research shows that 52 percent of the populations today belong in the baby boomer category which is not a good sign. By the time the next generation comes to speed the economy would have deteriorated to a large extent. There is no corrective measure for this scenario however people could prepare themselves more by making smarter career choices. For example in the next decade there will be an increase in the need for the geriatricians because of the rising population of the baby boomers. More health care professionals would be needed to serve people in this age group.

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Impact Of Baby Boomers And Economy




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Impact Of Baby Boomers And Economy )
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