Places Where Baby Boomers Are Retiring

          Baby boomers are people who were born between 1946 and 1996 and are now currently aged between 41 and 60. During the next decade, most of these people would have been retired and looking for places to live in. Even though there are several places available in the U.S, the most popular destinations where baby boomers prefer to retire include Florida, Colorado and Arizona.

          Florida is the most preferred destination primarily due to its affordable cost of living and stable real estate prices. Other attractions pulling the baby boomers into Florida include pleasant weather, warm climate, sunshine beaches, golf courses, shopping malls and theme parks. While certain parts of Florida including Miami are at the higher end, other parts have retirement communities for seniors available at a variety of budget range. However, the biggest hurdle that prevents settling in Florida is the danger of frequent hurricanes requiring people to spend more money towards buying insurance coverage.

          Another popular retirement destination is Colorado. In contrast to Florida, Colorado has a variety of landscape including Rocky Mountains, hilly terrains, plains, flowing rivers and astonishing surroundings. Real estate pricings are under affordable range in this part of the country. Retirees settling in this state can have a life that is serene. Various kinds of adventure sports are on the offering including kayaking, hiking, trekking, and fly fishing and downhill skiing. However, Colorado experiences heavy snowfall during winter, which is the biggest disadvantage.

          Arizona is also a beautiful destination for retirees to settle. It offers pristine surroundings and a variety of climates. Affordable living costs, absence of natural calamities, beautiful red rock formations, exquisite wildlife and presence of amenities at affordable cost make Arizona an ideal place for outdoor living.

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Places where baby boomers are retiring







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