What Are The General Descriptions Of Generation Y ?

What Are The General Descriptions Of Generation Y ?

The description of generation Y varies from one person to the other. It also depends on the person who is giving his opinion and to the age group that he belongs. There are a lot of things that go into consideration while judging the behavioral pattern of the generation Y clan.

General Description of Generation Y:

Generation Y are people who are born from 1980 to 1994. During this time the economy, technology, health care breakthroughs, and even world wide economic conditions were growing rapidly. Every single family was doing well and there was a boom in every kind of business. Children that were brought up during these times were financially secure and also lived with comforts. By this time there was cable television, answering machines, many models of cars that were affordable, international holidays and even private schools. These kids who were born during the economy boom do not know how to adjust with less.

However, at the same time they have seen their parents work hard and hence know the value of hard work. They are prepared to do anything like accepting new challenges, facing changes at work and personal front easily. However, what they cannot do is adjust to poverty and circumstances where their basic are denied to them. For example, what the Gen Y calls is basics like answering machines and television with cable were actually comforts and luxuries for Gen X. However, this is a cycle of life and this cycle is likely to repeat itself.

However, the future generations are less likely to experience such major differences as technology is at its peak right now and the generation Y or the future generations are likely to go through similar changes.

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What Are The General Descriptions Of Generation Y