Why Is Generation X Better Than Generation Y ?

Why Is Generation X Better Than Generation Y ?

The comparison between two generations is not a valid one. However, if one has to deal with different generations in the same work place, then the comparison becomes inevitable. So, is generation X better than generation Y?

The generation Y professionals are the most demanding when it comes to work place and they can put their foot down if things do not go their way. Whereas generation X does not demand but can be more work oriented and they are less likely to question anything around them.

The generation Y is more outspoken and they can go to any extent to get their means. Generation Y also justifies violence as a much needed attribute to deal with current day situation. However, at work place the seniors who belong to a different generation find it difficult to come to terms with.

The disadvantages with generation Y people are that they are not afraid of change and they can change jobs faster than a monkey jumps the branches. They are not loyal to their employers unlike generation X and they tend to jump to the greener pastures easily. Also, generation Y has much more confidence than the other generations. They tend to move on fast. The also tend to put their own well being first and do not care about the employer’s needs. But the generation X is much more loyal and this quality is seen overall in their personal life and their professional life. Generation Y is much detached to the employer and even in their personal lives they put themselves first which could be a bad sign.

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Why Is Generation X Better Than Generation Y