Age Group Of Generation Z  

There are several traits that are common when it comes to specific generations. The generation Z is the latest generation who were born after 1994 and before 2004. Many of them are in their early teens and differ from the earlier generation in many ways. This particular generation is still in a stage of evolution and they are yet to learn several things in life.

As per research this generation can be an active set of consumers. Being born during the time of consumer market boom they have access to almost all the best things one could get. They have access to almost everything such as communication tools, internet cell phones, MP3 players, Ipods, and all the current gadgets. They are the children of the modern world and are also called the digital generation. They also are growing up in a world of equality and they believe men and women are equals.

Since they are leading much more structured lives than any of their ancestors, they can be responsible adults and also with high social values. This generation has embraced technology and also they are highly dependent on it. They are more inclined to the virtual world and are less likely to take to extreme measures like terrorism. If generation Z is molded properly, they can achieve a lot more than their earlier generations using the digital media. However, on the other hand they may be poor with interpersonal skills and, in addition, they may not give too much importance to family values. They are very individualistic in their characteristics.

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Age Group Of Generation Z




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