Generation Z Demographics  

The generation Z lives in the virtual world and they can reach out to any place through the internet. They are less likely to travel and step out of their homes for anything. They lack severely in the areas of expression, verbal communication, confidence and interpersonal skills. For these reasons, they may not gel very well with the generation Y, who are exactly the opposite.

Today nearly 18 percent of the world’s population is of generation Z kids. For Generation Z, internet is their birth right and they do not believe in commuting to work place or even for running their daily lives. They can get everything to the place they live. Today most of the ids have at least two gadgets like cell phone or an Ipod and they cannot live without these.

They are very individualistic in their character and believe to have their own persona. Generation Z does not believe in getting agreement or living according to social norms. Their society exists on the internet where they speak their mind out and express their opinions.

Generation Z being bad listeners have less regard for what others have to say and they do not pay attention to others. This may work against them when they get married and set up their own families. Education and work plays a minimal role in their lives ad they do not see education as a means of survival. They regard intelligence and knowledge about technology more. Being born during the digital boom they adapt to technology like no other generation.

Generation Z demographics show that they are mostly teenagers as this generation was born after 1994.

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Generation Z Demographics




Age-Group-Of-Generation-Z      There are several traits that are common when it comes to specific generations. The generation Z is the latest generation who were born after 1994 and before 2004. Many of them are in their early teens and differ from the earlier generation in many ways. This particular generation is still in a stage of evolution and they are yet to learn several things in life. More..




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