Botox Injections For The Neck Area  

Botox injections are medical procedures and should be performed by trained medical persons only and with proper equipment. By injecting small doses directly into the specific muscle, the action of that muscle alone is relaxed and paralyzed. The actual treatment takes hardly any time.

However, it takes three to ten days for the medicine to do its job. The muscle relaxation provided by the injection is temporary in nature. Its effect will last for a period of four to six months only. The original wrinkles or lines start to reappear once the effect of the injection wears off. A repeat injection at this stage will be necessary to obtain the desired results.

Human face has complex structure and nearly 40 muscles are present in this area. The surgeon conducting the procedure must be well trained and familiar with the anatomy and the function of all the muscles in the area to perform these injections effectively without causing complications.   

These injections are given in the neck area too to seek improvement in this area. When Botox is injected into platysma muscle and neck bands it helps them to relax. This improves horizontal lines and vertical neck cords. For people who lack excess neck skin, this can simulate a neck lift. Platysma muscle is very thin and the injection needs to be performed by a doctor well experienced in this area. The dosage has to be right and if the injection gets placed in the wrong area, this may lead to complications related to swallowing.

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Botox Injections For The Neck Area




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Botox Injections For The Neck Area )
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