How Much Are Botox Injections

How Much Are Botox Injections ?

       Cost of Botox treatment varies from region to region and is dependant on quite a number of factors. Some of these include experience of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure, the number of injections patient receives, geographical area and even the time of year.

        In the US, the average cost of a Botox treatment ranges from $350 to $500 for each area injected. Cost of Botox treatment can be exorbitantly high in a metropolitan city in comparison to receiving Botox treatment in a rural area.

        Most of the skin care centers advertise the cost of Botox treatment as a flat cost for each injection. However, some centers advertise in the form of “cost per unit” so as to attract customers. While the flat rates range between $300 to $1,200, cost-per-unit charges are around $10-$15 per unit. Price quote on a “cost-per-unit” basis is advantageous in a way as it ensures that right amount of Botox is injected. When a patient prefers a flat cost per area, he should also enquire about the number of units being injected per area. Some centers quote a lower price, but provide a smaller treatment. This might be less effective requiring frequent visits to the center, thus making the cost of treatment very expensive.

       There are different methods using which one can reduce the cost of Botox treatment. One can avail marginal discounts offered by dermatologists or plastic surgeons. However, these discounts are offered only to select customers who are regular or purchase multiple services. Another way is to have a group of friends interested in a Botox treatment, an emerging trend known as “Botox Cosmetic Party”. Physicians are willing to offer discounts to such parties. However, it is important that the physicians provide Botox treatment in a clean and safe environment using sterilized equipment. One should be wary about skin care centers that provide Botox treatments at an alarmingly low cost. Allergan Inc has the patent to manufacture Botox. One can get a Botox treatment done at a lesser price if he visits a qualified and certified physician who purchases Botox directly from the manufacturer.

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How Much Are Botox Injections