How To Get The Best Results From Breast Reduction Surgery

How To Get The Best Results From Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is meant for women who have unusually large breasts. Sometimes the size of the breast could be disproportionately large for the body. Excessive weight of the breasts may cause chronic pain in the head, neck, back and shoulders in addition to breathing problems.

This may also cause deep groves in the shoulders due to bra strap pressure. For these reasons this surgery is covered by insurance.

It is recommended that one should wait till the age of 20 for the breasts to fully develop before considering this surgical procedure. As breastfeeding may be difficult after this surgery, one is advised to wait till giving birth to children.  

To get best results one needs to prepare well for this surgery. One needs to be in good physical shape to heal faster. It is essential to eat well balanced meals and follow surgeon’s instructions regarding vitamins both before and after surgery. Certain medications such as aspirin and anti inflammatory drugs are to be avoided. It is necessary to be honest with your surgeon during the pre-operative consultation and discuss your expectations from this procedure and also why you are seeking breast reduction. During this consultation one can learn how to prepare for the surgery and also how to plan for recovery.

The surgery will be performed with general anesthesia and may last 2-3 hours. Excess tissue and fat will be removed and the nipple will be relocated for cosmetic purposes. One should get the home ready for recovery purposes with items such as ice, gauze and clean wash clothes, loose comfortable t-shirts etc. This will have scars as a side effect.

In most cases insurance cover is provided. One needs to follow all the procedures outlined in the policy to ensure that the cover remains intact. There is a need to seek clarification and get all the doubts cleared to learn what expenses are covered and what is not.

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How To Get The Best Results From Breast Reduction Surgery