Will Insurance Pay For Breast Reduction Surgery

Will Insurance Pay For Breast Reduction Surgery ?

Breast reduction surgery is medically known as mammoplasty. It is a surgical procedure wherein the size of the breasts is decreased. This procedure is recommended for women who have large breasts that cause them discomfort and pain.

If you are planning on having a breast reduction surgery, you may want to know whether your health insurance provider will pay for the cost. The only time insurance will pay for breast reduction surgery if it is medically needed. The insurance provider will ask the person to provide a medical diagnosis from an authorized surgeon in order to approve payment for the surgery.

If a woman has very big breasts, she will have discomfort. However, this is not sufficient reason for the insurance company to pay for the procedure. Along with large breasts, if the woman also has macramastia, then the surgery will be considered as a medical necessity. Macramastia is a condition where the breasts are large and this, in turn, causes the surrounding skin to pull and tear. This is a painful condition to have. Also, if the woman has a skin condition that is constant and cannot be treated due to large breasts, then the only option is a breast reduction surgery. As this will be considered a medical necessity, the procedure will be permitted by the insurance provider.

Having intense pain in the back or suffering from chronic pain due to large breast size is another medical reason for breast reduction surgery. However, in this case, the pain will have to be documented by a doctor. Just having constant pain due to large breasts is not sufficient reason for the insurance provider to pay for breast reduction surgery.

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Will Insurance Pay For Breast Reduction Surgery