When To Have Eyelid Surgery ?

When To Have Eyelid Surgery ?

Puffy eyes or sagging eyelids could become a reason of people misjudging your age and health condition. It is a fact these physical attributes tend to make you look much older than your chronological age and give a very fatigued appearance to one’s personality.

These conditions can be rectified by eyelid surgery, referred to as blepharoplasty.

Through this procedure, the extra fat, skin and muscle from either the upper eyelid or the lower eyelid are removed. Most people who opt for the surgery are above 35 years of age but many wish to undergo the same earlier due a family history of drooping eyelids. The surgery certainly benefits people with such type of eyelids to give a younger and healthier look.

For many older people, baggy eyelids could obstruct their line of vision. An eyelid surgery may indeed be beneficial to provide a better vision in such cases as well.

If the expectation from an eyelid surgery is removal of crow's feet, wrinkles, elimination of dark circles under your eyes, or lifting sagging eyebrows, then it would be wise not to undergo the same. Blepharoplasty can neither rectify these conditions nor can it assist in altering one’s cultural facial inheritance. Therefore, before going through the surgery, one must ensure that the personal reasons for undergoing it are valid. Also, one must not have any idealistic expectations with regards to the outcome of the surgery.

This medical procedure can certainly assist in transforming your appearance for the better that will in turn enhance your self esteem but under no circumstances can it ensure a change in people attitude towards you. Another pre-requisite for the surgery is sound physical and psychological health. Exactly when go to get the surgery conducted is a purely personal decision and one must never let it be influenced by any external factors.

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When To Have Eyelid Surgery ?