Psycological Effects Of Thinning Hair

Psychological Effects Of Thinning Hair

Scientific studies have been conducted to ascertain the effects of hair loss and baldness in people. It is known that reason for hair loss is hereditary and the genes responsible for hair loss and hair thinning are inherited from the mother.

All that is fine, but one fine day when the individual comes face to face with the harsh realities of life and how helpless he is, he experiences a state of shock.   

The scientific studies have revealed that the severity of the psychological effects of thinning hair is more painful in women than in men. This is based on the responses to the questionnaires designed by psychologists and physician investigators. Generally it is the female of the sexes who is more worried about the physical appearance than her male counter part. Any time if the female is threatened by changes that affects her appearance, she is going to react negatively. 

For a woman her hair is her crowning glory. If she has to face hair loss, it is as good as the loss of crown for her which in turn will lead to loss of self esteem. Hair loss occurs normally in both men and women. Women have less of a support from family and friends when they are confronted with hair loss. Baldness in a man is something that is accepted as quite normal. A woman is devastated in a similar situation.

Men are able to cope with the situation easier while women become more conscious about the onset of hair loss. Women spend more time trying to hide their loss of hair, or work towards developing a hair style that camouflages hair loss. They also keep worrying about how it is going to affect their career, marriage, dating and sexual activity.

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Psycological Effects Of Thinning Hair