Beard Styles Shaving

Beard Styles Shaving

There is a strong opinion in many quarters concerning beards. Proponents of beards believe that only men have been given facial hair by God and this makes them the chosen ones. Hence, men should take care to grow it instead than shaving it off; a thought that is not very popular with razor manufacturers.

It gives an opportunity to pet and stroke a well grown thick beard and feel manly about it. Women try different hair styles to improve their appearance. Similarly men can try different beard styles to look more handsome. Of course one needs to pick the right style that fits him. A man can look dignified and mature with a well groomed beard.

When a person decides to grow a beard, a personal commitment is the first requirement. During the process of growing the beard, it may look ugly and unkempt during the initial phase. One is to be prepared for this. Use of razor is to be stopped totally for 8 to 9 days and just let the facial hair grow. At the end of this period the time is ripe to carve out a neck line. This is the place where the bottom of the beard will get extended up to the neck. This line can be where the individual is comfortable with. For the next couple of weeks only the neck line needs to be maintained and let the facial hair to grow as much as possible.    

Now the time has arrived when the individual needs to decide which beard and mustache style suits him best at that specific time in life. At this stage a rough cut of the desired style will be necessary will be required. Initial trimming is to be done to keep it longer, wider and larger to give room for finer trimming latter. One can take another week to trim it further and go for the final cut. This needs to be done slowly to remove only the amount of hair that is necessary.  

One has to work towards maintaining the beard after going through the process of getting one. Further adjustments can be made to make the beard from just looking good to look great. One needs to assemble a set of tools to go with the trade such as brush, comb, scissor and beard trimmer. Shampoo and conditioner are other accessories to be used to keep the beard clean and healthy. Daily and weekly grooming schedules are required to be followed get the best results.

Different beard styles suit different face types. Accordingly one needs to choose the style that suits his face to get maximum benefit. There are several beard styles available such as full beard, goatee and mustache, mustache and soul patch, chin strap, mutton chops and scruff which go well with different age groups.

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Beard Styles Shaving