Compare Permanent Hair Removal Products

Compare Permanent Hair Removal Products

Hair removal has been prevalent from ancient times and is followed in all cultures. It has become common in recent times to remove some or all of body hair due to social values and to practice good hygiene. Many methods have been developed to remove unwanted hair from the body on permanent basis.

Generally people expect that permanent hair removal means it is for all time and the hair will never grow back in that area. But it may not be so. It is felt that a period of one year can be considered as adequate for a method to qualify as a permanent hair removal method. Most users will be happy if a hair removal treatment lasts that long. It is also observed that no single method works on all people. Reasons are not known.

The methods developed to provide permanent solution use chemicals and energy of different types or a combination of both to remove hair in the target area. Removing hair in an area permanently without disturbing hair growth nearby may not be possible. electrolysis, laser and intense pulsed light are proven and accepted methods of permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal option. A thin needle is inserted in to the hair follicle to destroy the hair at its root. One has to attend several sessions to get through the procedure. It is costly, time consuming and also painful.

Laser hair removal is not as permanent as electrolysis. This is known to provide relief for about 6 months after which a repeat may be required. It is also noticed that some hair removed never grows back. We can label this as partially permanent. In this procedure, a beam of Laser light is directed to the group of hair follicles to destroy. The cost of Laser hair removal is cheaper than Electrolysis.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) procedure utilizes xenon flash lamp to achieve its objective. Focused broad spectrum light generated from the device is directed at the skin to reach the hair roots to destroy them. The pulses of light produced is for very short duration hence physical discomfort and damage to non-target area are negligible. As this works mostly on the top layers of the skin does not penetrate deep enough to provide permanent hair removal. IPL is usually advertised as ‘permanent hair reduction’ instead of ‘permanent hair removal’. Cost wise, this procedure is cheaper than Laser hair removal.

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Compare Permanent Hair Removal Products