Natural Methods For Permanent Hair Removal  

Most of the age old hair removal methods were mainly using natural ingredients to get rid of unwanted hair. Wax and sugar were commonly used for this purpose. However, the effect of hair removal was temporary. This used to last for 6 to 8 weeks and one has to wait for half inch hair growth for repeating the waxing process.

Hence, such methods can not be considered as permanent hair removal methods because they don’t strike at the hair roots and are not capable of stopping further hair growth.

However, there are some products available in the market where the manufacturer claims that it will provide permanent hair removal solution. One such product is called ‘Ultra Hair Away’. This is supposed to be a herbal product, therefore natural. This product is made up of a mixture of plant enzymes. Its property is to change the structure of the hair follicle. It comes in the form of a spray. With regular application of this spray to the skin area where the hair needs removal, thick coarse hair becomes softer, smaller and finer. After some time the hair will vanish and no further hair growth takes place.

They have clinical studies to prove that the product is effective. It is supposed to slow down the hair growth and totally stop from growing. They call this enzyme technology for hair removal. Since there are no chemicals used in the product, it is expected to be safe and gentle to the skin.

There is another product called ‘Kalo’ from the same manufacturer. This also is a similar product with herbal ingredients to be used for permanent hair removal. This is known as hair inhibitor. This is claimed to be more effective if used after shaving. With the application of this liquid, frequency of shaving can be brought down. This product contains natural sulphur which penetrates inside the skin to stop hair from growing. This is expected to work at the hair roots and stop growth.

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Natural Methods For Permanent Hair Removal




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Natural Methods For Permanent Hair Removal )
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