Fat And Bone Waste Removal

Fat And Bone Waste Removal

Liposuction is the general term used to describe a surgical procedure which is used for removal of fatty tissues from specific areas in the body such as buttocks, abdomen, back, neck etc., where the fat has got accumulated. This is a cosmetic procedure for sculpting the body.

Many different techniques are being used in this procedure. Initially it started with the insertion of a tube called cannula in to the body and removal of the fat in and around that area was accomplished by suction using a vacuum pump. This is known as dry method and general anesthesia was used for this surgical procedure.

In wet liposuction, a small amount of fluid is injected inside the body to loosen the fat cells and to reduce bruising. The fat cells are sucked out as before.  

Ultrasound-assisted or Ultrasonic liposuction utilizes high-pulse sound waves which liquefies excess fat. This fat which is in liquid form is extracted using the vacuum pump. This process is found to be more effective in separating fat cells attached to muscles and organs and it becomes easier for extraction through suction.

In Tumescent liposuction, a solution containing a local anesthetic along with vasoconstrictor is injected. This creates space between the muscle and the fat for the cannula.

However this cosmetic surgical procedure is mainly meant for fat tissues and does not address to issues related to the bones. Any issue related to bones is being dealt by orthopedic doctor. Hence, liposuction surgical procedure can not deal with any bone removal.

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Fat And Bone Waste Removal