Laser Light Therapy For Skin Tightening  

As people age, the stresses of daily life would have left their impact on their faces. The effects of gravity and also exposure to the sun will all add up to make the jaw line to grow slack and fat deposits  to accumulate around the neck. Creases get formed between the nose and the mouth.

One has to undergo a facelift to get a more youthful appearance. In this process excess fat is removed, the underlying muscles are tightened and the skin in the face and neck are redraped. The technical word used for this procedure is rhytidectomy. This is used for reverse facial aging for mid and lower facial regions.

A facelift requires incisions. The incisions in front and behind the ears are not noticeable.
It is difficult to achieve natural appearance in men after the surgery. It can pull forward or distort the earlobe.

There are non-surgical procedures available for facelift. Laser skin tightening is one such procedure. This procedure uses an infrared light source (laser) to tighten the skin. Laser is used to heat the collagen below the skin surface. This causes the skin to tighten. This has become a popular procedure because the skin tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment. Fairly good results can be obtained after two or three treatments with an interval of a month between each treatment. The results continue to improve over next several weeks.

Laser skin tightening is found useful for men and women of all skin types. The advantages are one does not have to go through a painful surgery and associated long recovery times. As in this procedure, collagen under the skin gets regenerated; it gives rise to more youthful appearance. There can be redness and swelling after the procedure, however it gets treated easily.

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Laser Light Therapy For Skin Tightening




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Laser Light Therapy For Skin Tightening )
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