Recovery From Nose Job

Recovery From Nose Job

The first principle of going through a nose job, technically referred to as Rhinoplasty is to maintain patience during the recovery period. The patient should be well aware in advance that it may take close to a year to actually see the real outcome of the surgery.

Therefore, before taking the plunge it would be prudent to not only select an extremely qualified surgeon but to have a detailed discussion about the recovery period with the doctor.

For the initial twenty-four 24 hours, the patient would experience a puffed face with pain in the nose and head as well. All one can do is to rest with the head in an elevated position and take the painkillers prescribed. The next thing to be addressed is the swelling and bruising that becomes gradually more apparent within 2 to 3 days of the surgery.

While the swelling may benefit from cold compressions, in order to reduce the bleeding one must avoid blowing the nose or bending the head.

The bandages are removed in a few days time, but for the stitches, one has to wait for about 2 weeks. Majority of the inflammation and bruising will probably diminish in 2 to 3 weeks. Remember that some amount of inflammation may remain for a few months.

Although normal routine chores can be resumed after a week of the procedure, strenuous sports or other activities should be avoided for at least the next 2 months.

Traveling by air and wearing spectacles may also pose problems in the initial phase of the surgery. The patient would have to find an alternative to hold the glasses either at the forehead with a tape or take the support of the cheeks. Rhinoplasty is believed to be one of the most difficult types of plastic surgeries, therefore if you want the recovery to be smooth and fast then always remember to adhere to the surgeon’s advice.

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Recovery From Nose Job